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What Other Users of UroFem

D-Mannose Have To Say

"Frequent Urinary Tract Issues. I Have Tried Everything From Cranberry Pills To Juice To Other Tablets.  Since I Found This - Healthy Bladder And No Issues.  I Took It Originally For A Week And Then I Take A Maintenance Dose. This Has Been A Life Changer For Me. And I Am An RN."


"As An RN And Daughter Of A Urologist, I Highly Recommend This Product. I Get Frequent Urinary Tract Issues, And Have Had Bladder Spasms For Years. My Bladder Frequently Feels Irritated, Diet Cola Cause Further Aggrevation! D-Mannose Has Helped Dramatically! Urologists Are Finally Starting To Recommend It. I Take It Daily And If I Stop Taking It, I Always Need To Start Taking Again!"

Registered Nurse

"D-Mannose Has Given Me Another Alternative. I Have Been Able To Keep A Healthy Bladder And Urinary Tract For The Past 6 Months."


"I Had Chronic Urinary Tract Issues For 5 Months.  I Started Taking D-Mannose At The Recommendation Of A Urologist And Have Not Had A Problem- Have Been Taking For Almost 1 Month And Will Continue For A Couple Of Months, Just To Make Sure Everything Stays Healthy"


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