What Other Users of UroFem

D-Mannose Have To Say

"Frequent Urinary Tract Issues. I Have Tried Everything From Cranberry Pills To Juice To Other Tablets.  Since I Found This - Healthy Bladder And No Issues.  I Took It Originally For A Week And Then I Take A Maintenance Dose. This Has Been A Life Changer For Me. And I Am An RN."


"As An RN And Daughter Of A Urologist, I Highly Recommend This Product. I Get Frequent Urinary Tract Issues, And Have Had Bladder Spasms For Years. My Bladder Frequently Feels Irritated, Diet Cola Cause Further Aggrevation! D-Mannose Has Helped Dramatically! Urologists Are Finally Starting To Recommend It. I Take It Daily And If I Stop Taking It, I Always Need To Start Taking Again!"

Registered Nurse

"D-Mannose Has Given Me Another Alternative. I Have Been Able To Keep A Healthy Bladder And Urinary Tract For The Past 6 Months."


"I Had Chronic Urinary Tract Issues For 5 Months.  I Started Taking D-Mannose At The Recommendation Of A Urologist And Have Not Had A Problem- Have Been Taking For Almost 1 Month And Will Continue For A Couple Of Months, Just To Make Sure Everything Stays Healthy"


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The Experience Of D-Mannose Users Is About Their Personal Experience. They Are In No Way Indicative Of Us Recommending UroFem In Any Other Way Than To Support The Body's Removal Of Potentially Harmful Bacteria. UroFem Is A Registered Trademark Of Te Arai BioFarma Limited, New Zealand. Dietary Supplements Are Not A Replacement For A Balanced Diet. Always Read The Label, Use As Directed And If Symptoms Persist, See Your Health Professional. TAPS Approval CH4818.